Runa Urcu

is an Andean ecosystem between the 3300 and 3400 meter above sea level, characterized for its native vegetation


Our restaurant offers you national and international specialties. You will be able to enjoy a delicious menu and a great variety of drinks in a cozy environment

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If you want to enjoy more time the peaceful and beautiful environment of Runa Urcu, we offer you private cabins with hot water. Our lodging capacity is for 15 people.

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Our recreation center offers possibilities to realize workshops and social events in an absolutely quiet surrounding and discretion. We have WIFI and TV Flatscreen.

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We offer hikes through a beautiful landscape were you can enjoy the fresh air and different levels of difficulty of our hiking trails.

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Runa Urcu

Runa Urcu is an Andean ecosystem between the 3300 and 3400 meter above sea level, characterized for its native vegetation: the “Pumamaqui” (Oreopanax sp.), the traditional blueberry and “arrayán” (Myrcianthes leucoxyla), the Peralillo (Vallea spp.) , the alder (Alnus acuminata), the “Iguilán” (Monnina spp.) , the “Yanaquero” (Tournefortia spp.) and other bushes like “Colca” (Miconia spp) and “Samal” (Myrsine spp.), among others.

For those who enjoy Andean botany and medicinal plants, we can offer you a guidebook with a description of the properties and traditional uses of the different species.


We are able to host you only previos reservation with mail or phone.


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Runa Urcu is one of the foothills of Pasochoa mountain, one of the highest volcanoes of eastern Andeans before the explosion of its crater about 100,000 years ago.

The meaning of Runa Urcu in Kichwa language is “mountain of human”. The local inhabitants relate that the region was known as the “entrance to the gold dwarf”.

Our family is German - Ecuadorian and our flags announce our origin: Lower Saxony from fathers - side, was traditionally agrarian-oriented. My wife is “Sangolquileña”, a traditionally touristic region in the Chillo Valley outside of Quito and famous for its hospitality and good food.

We have bought Runa Urcu in 1998 and is shaped for years with great family efforts in design and construction, hiking ways und green spaces. Since the beginning, the community of Runa Urcu is involved in our activities: cooperation which started with the cobbling of the way in community work “minga”. Nowadays we are buying natural products of several peasants and give them work. With our action we will convey our ideal for organization, unity and integration with our guests.